Republic Of Albania Visa Information (Only For Indian Nationals)
Visa Requirements

Visa applied in Albania Embassy In London/USA

Embassy Address in India


Honorary Consulate of Albania
A-31 Hauz Khas,
New Delhi.110016
Tel: (11) 2651-7134/7741
Fax: (11) 26517127

Embassy Address in U.K.

Albania Embassy Of The Republic Of Albania
24, Buckingham Gate,

Tel: +44 20 78288897
Fax: +171 20 78288869

Embassy Address in USA

Republic of Albania Embassy
2100 Street,N.W 20008
Washington (USA)

Tel: (+1-202) 2234942
Fax:(+1-202) 6287342

E-Mail :


320 East 79th street
New York (USA)
Tel : (+1-212) 2492059,2495654
Fax: (+1-212) 5352917

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