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The City Aurangzeb Built In The Dusk Of An Empire

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Best time to visit Aurangabad between June to September and October to March


Malik Amber founded the city, originally called Khadke, or “Big Rock”, in the early 16th century. The city is known for its medieval monuments and cultural heritage and was the seat of the Mughal Empire for a short period. When Aurangzeb became the Viceroy of the Deccan, he made it his capital, and renamed it Aurangabad. It is surrounded by hills. The present Government names this city as ‘Sambhajinagar’.


Aurangabad Caves

Just outside the city, are located the 6th century caves displaying the influence of Tantric cult in the iconography and architectural designs of the caves. A major chunk of the caves are viharas, of which Caves 3 and 7 are most fascinating.

Bibi Ka Maqbara

Bibi Ka Maqbara Situated about 5 kms from the Aurangabad city is Bibi Ka Maqbara, the burial place of Aurangzeb's 1st wife, Rabia-ud-Durrani. It is an imitation of the Taj at Agra, termed as the poor man's Taj Mahal. Located behind the mausoleum is a small archeological museum.

Ajanta Caves

Nestled in an inner fold of the Sahyadri hills, 100 kms away from Aurangabad are the 30 rock-cut caves of Ajanta, famous for its cave painting or frescoes of many colors. They contain numerous images of Buddha. Caves 1,2,16 and 17 have the best-preserved paintings. The magnificient depictions of the bodhisattvas Avalokitesvara and Padmapaniin are particularly well known.

Jayak Wadi Dam

This is an interesting site where one can see a number of resident and migratory birds. About 4 kms. north of Paithan town, an earthen dam on the river Godavari has been constructed and a large reservoir formed. The lake formed is called `Nath Sagar', which is the main source for water in this region. The area around is being developed fast.


Khuldabad, or heavenly abode, is a holy shrine for the Muslims containing the tomb of the last Moghul emperor Aurangzeb. It is just a few kms away from Daulatabad.


Mhaismal original called ‘Maheshmal’ is a village located about 12 kms from Khuldabad. An ancient temple of Girijamata is in the village. An exact replica of Lord Balaji temple at Tirupati is located at the top of hill. A 300 feet TV tower that can broadcast for 150 kms range is also situated here.


Situated 56 kms south of Aurangabad, is the ancient capital city of the Satvahanas, Paithan famous for its traditional Paithani silk saris. The Jayakwadi dam here is a haven for avid nature - lovers, especially those interested in avian fauna. The huge Gyaneshwar Udyan, Maharashtra's largest garden, built on the lines of the famous Vrindavan Gardens in Mysore, Pinjore in Haryana and the Shalimar in Kashmir is another attraction of this area.

Pan Chakki

Panchakki (water wheel) takes its name from the mill, which used to grind grain for the pilgrims. It was designed to generate energy via water, brought down from a spring on a mountain. Malik Ambar himself built it, in 1695. It also has the tomb of Baba Shah Muzaffar, a Sufi Saint.


Pithalkora caves are about 78 kms. from Aurangabad. The intricate work on the sculptured facades in these caves is definitely worth a visit.


Aurangabad is famous for its himru shawls and mashru and khamkhab (silk woven with gold thread) weaves. Himru cloth is a blend of silk with cotton and was created as a cheaper alternative to Khamkhab. The word literally means 'similar'. The himru factory is in the old town near Zafar Gate, and is the only place where hand-woven shawls are still made. (Most rickshaw-wallahs know the place.) The showrooms and emporia also have a good collection of bidri-ware (objects made of a combination of zinc and copper which make good gifts) agate stones and Paithani silk saris.


The weather of Aurangabad is temperate with moderate winters (November-February) and summers (April-June). This region experiences good southwestern monsoon rains from June-September.


Summer - Max: 39°C Min: 21°C
Winter - Max: 31°C Min: 10°C


AIR : Aurangabad airport is 10 km east of the city and is well connected by Indian Airlines flights with Bombay, Delhi, Jaipur and Udiapur. East-West & Continental Airways also operate flights between Bombay and Aurangabad.

RAIL : Aurangabad has its own railway station and is well connected by train to all the corners of the Nation. Jalgaon railhead can also be used as a base to reach Aurangabad

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