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Thailand Holiday Packages

It is a land which fulfills every need of a visitor. From sunny beaches and cool highlands to bustling cities and scenic countryside, Thailand bids you Swasdee. Take an early morning walk in the capital Bangkok and you will see Thailand at its beautiful best. Or witness it at night when neon lights illuminate the city, sample fiery Thai food at busy restaurants, or watch any of the numerous exciting shows. For sun and sea lovers, the tropical island of Phuket beckons.Surf, sail, swim or just sun bathe to your satisfaction this paradise. Rivaling the island of Phuket is Pattaya with stretches of sandy beaches lapped by the warm blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Or discover the shoppers paradise of Hat Yai where authenticThai goods can be bought at bargain prices. Besides Bangkok the other noteworthy places are Pattaya and Phuket. Presently due to the economic recession the prices are next to nothing and the clients can be easily persuaded to have a short trips covering Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Ideal place for corporate conventions and conferences and incentive tours.