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XXMAU-Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa - Mauritius

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Validity:Oct 31 2008

Paradise Cove Hotel & Spa is situated on the northern shores of Mauritius, at Anse la Raie, on an area of 5,234m2, 60 km from the airport and 5 km from Grand Bay. This charming residence is the cosiest high-class resort in Mauritius.
The 67 rooms were completely renovated at the beginning of 2003. Their modern comfort blends harmoniously with a decor of precious wood, shimmering silks and vibrant colours, reminiscent of olden days in Pondichery. They nestle in a tropical prize-winning garden and meander round a sheltered cove and beach.
The peninsula, with its small secluded creeks, enjoys a spectacular and romantic view over one of the largest lagoons in Mauritius as well as the five northern islets.

Package cost in USD :-

04nts/05days pkg rates
    13-17 YRS4-12 YRS
 01/04/08 - 30/04/08796282188585
DELUXE01/05/08 - 31/08/08607210140304
 (20)01/09/08 - 30/09/08796282187584
 01/10/08 - 31/10/08796282187584
PONDICHERY01/04/08 - 30/04/089021329214662
 01/05/08 - 31/08/08658971153331
(22 Honeymoons)01/09/08 - 30/09/089021329214662
 01/10/08 - 31/10/089021329214662
1001 NIGHTS01/04/08 - 30/04/0810301523246764
(5 Honeymoons)01/05/08 - 31/08/087361086173368
JUNIOR SUITE01/09/08 - 30/09/0810301523246764
(18) 01/10/08 - 31/10/0810301523246764
SENIOR SUITE01/04/08 - 30/04/0813061941315971
 (2)01/05/08 - 31/08/089341380222469
Maharani & Maharajah 01/09/08 - 30/09/0813061941315971
 01/10/08 - 31/10/0813061941315971
06nts/07days pkg rates
    13-17 YRS4-12 YRS
 01/04/08 - 30/04/0811711737187865
DELUXE01/05/08 - 31/08/088881309140444
 (20)01/09/08 - 30/09/0811711737187865
 01/10/08 - 31/10/0811711737187865
PONDICHERY01/04/08 - 30/04/0813291971214982
 01/05/08 - 31/08/089641433153485
(22 Honeymoons)01/09/08 - 30/09/0813291971214982
 01/10/08 - 31/10/0813291971214982
1001 NIGHTS01/04/08 - 30/04/08152322612461134
(5 Honeymoons)01/05/08 - 31/08/0810811605173541
JUNIOR SUITE01/09/08 - 30/09/08152322612461134
(18) 01/10/08 - 31/10/08152322612461134
SENIOR SUITE01/04/08 - 30/04/08193728893151444
 (2)01/05/08 - 31/08/0813782047222692
Maharani & Maharajah 01/09/08 - 30/09/08193728893151444
 01/10/08 - 31/10/08193728893151444
Per Nts Rates
    13-17 YRS4-12 YRS
 01/04/08 - 30/04/08191285187144
DELUXE01/05/08 - 31/08/0814421414074
 (20)01/09/08 - 30/09/08191285187144
 01/10/08 - 31/10/08191285187144
PONDICHERY01/04/08 - 30/04/08217324214163
 01/05/08 - 31/08/0815623515381
(22 Honeymoons)01/09/08 - 30/09/08217324214278
 01/10/08 - 31/10/08217324214278
1001 NIGHTS01/04/08 - 30/04/08250373246189
(5 Honeymoons)01/05/08 - 31/08/0817626317390
JUNIOR SUITE01/09/08 - 30/09/08250373246189
(18) 01/10/08 - 31/10/08250373246189
SENIOR SUITE01/04/08 - 30/04/08319477315240
 (2)01/05/08 - 31/08/08225337222115
Maharani & Maharajah 01/09/08 - 30/09/08319477315240
 01/10/08 - 31/10/08319477315240

Paradise Cove & Spa - Swimming Pool  Paradise Cove & Spa - Spa

DELUXE ROOM : There are 20 Deluxe rooms of 50 m² each with king size beds. It can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. The Deluxe rooms are located on the ground floor and first floor level of the hotel. We have connecting Deluxe to Deluxe and Deluxe connecting to Junior Suite. The style of the room will amaze you with its elegance and exoticism. The colour scheme and decoration have been worked out to reflect the "pondichery" style. The atmosphere of the room is highlighted with a combination of silk fabrics and furniture in precious woods. The wall behind the bed is either turquoise with a violet lotus or green with a fuchsia lotus. These colour schemes really create a relaxing ambiance.

PONDICHERY ROOMS : There are 22 Pondichery rooms of 50m² each with king size beds. These rooms are located on the first floor and second floor of the hotel. It can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. We do have connecting Pondichery rooms. This is a romantic room and the features have been worked out to reflect it. The style of this room is highlighted by the volume created by the hat shape roof. A curtain suspended on the ceiling drops towards the bed and creates a romantic set up. The furniture made of precious woods adds elegance to the rooms. The silk fabric used for the cushions is very present in the rooms. The wall behind the bed is either Red with a violet lotus or blue with a Red lotus. This room will appeal to those looking for a romantic room.

1001 NIGHTS : There are 5 "A thousand and One Nights" rooms of 50m² each with king size beds located on the 2nd floor with superb view on the sea and ocean. These rooms are among the best romantic rooms. Nested on the last floor, gives the possibility to have a very intimate atmosphere. The room has been decorated to create a cocoon ambiance for people who like romance. The bed which is low and oriented towards the balcony door will give you the opportunity to relax while enjoying the wonderful view of the lagoon and the Indian Ocean. The curtain drop and the silk cushions obviously enhance the romantic atmosphere. The furniture which is of precious wood will amaze you by its style. The big hanging lamp in the room also adds exoticism to the room. The crafts that have been used add details to the rooms and remind people that it is sometimes the little details that make big difference. The wall behind the bed is either, green with a fuchsia lotus or violet with a Turquoise lotus. In fact this room blend elegance, style and atmosphere to create the best romantic set up.

JUNIOR SUITES : There are 18 Junior Suites of 60 m² located on the ground floor and first floor with king size beds. This room is more spacious with a living room corner and has a magnificent view. It can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. The Junior suite is an elegant room and the living room corner provides the perfect set up for intimate moments. The decoration will definitely remind you about the pondichery style. The wall behind the bed is orange with a red lotus. The furniture which is made of precious wood reminds you of the craftsmanship of people from India. The attention to details will impress you with its style. This room will definitely please people looking for an intimate, cosy and romantic atmosphere.

SENIOR SUITES - "MAHARANI & MAHARAJAH": There are 2 Senior Suites of 90 m² each which are located on the ground floor. They have larger bathrooms, big living room, Kitchenette and two terraces offering a nice view over the cove and gardens. It can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. This suite has an elegant, rustic and colonial style with furniture made of precious woods. The influence of the East India Company is obviously there. The bed room has a four pillar bed which adds more exoticism to the room. The suite has a big living room and offers wonderful set up for informal gatherings or evening teas. This suite will make you enjoy a relaxing moment while being in a spacious and very elegant atmosphere.